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Moving Services for Special Items


Moving Services for Special Items

Special moving techniques for items with extra-large dimensions, a strong intrinsic value, or unusual care and handling instructions. Common household examples may include pianos, pool tables, fine art pieces, grandfather clocks, antiques, or even large flat screen TVs.

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In moving pianos, which are categorised as sensitive and high-value items, we pay more attention in handling them with special care. Our trained and experienced piano movers know the proper methods and techniques to move a piano safely to its new location. Before shifting, the piano will be covered with multiple layers of protective wrappings to keep them from being damaged during the move.

Extra precautions needs to be taken when moving a piano as it has delicate inner components that need to be preserved in order to ensure that it reaches the destination in good working order. For example, we will wrap the piano in protective padding, and tape or strap down the parts that move or open. When the piano is loaded into the truck, we will make sure that it is secured properly, especially if it has wheels so it doesn’t move around while transporting.

Many people own large televisions nowadays and moving them can be a hassle as they are very expensive and delicate. If you have kept the original box and packing, try and put it back the same way that it came when you purchased it. If not, you will have to make sure it is properly padded with the screen side up. We have to make sure that the television is properly strapped down and secured before moving it.